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Event Tickets for volunteering at KCGameOn.

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+ Tournament Organizers

Generic Tournament Organizer

0/1 slots available

Awesome People: Chyrhen

This job requires you to be the main points of contact for all tournaments. You will call/gather the captains and free agents, check-in the players/teams and create free agent teams and brackets through Battlefy. Once this is done, start the tournament and manage team wins, while seting up new matches through our KCGO discord.

DND/Pathfinder DMs

0/3 slots available

Awesome People: Wrathofobcd, Blackjackchelaque, JerodWho

This position requires a person to run/manage/DM games for others. DND/Pathfinder locations will be labeled on the map.

+ Streamers

Generic Streaming Role

1/4 slots available

Awesome People: Griver84, SilentkillTV, KingBendy

We will run a a single stream from the production area of LevelUp - This means you don't have to bring in a system, but you should be able to help, assist and cast one or two of the games, tournaments that we are hosting this event. Please see the event page for that list of tournaments. Stream layout/deck/stream key will be provided by the Streaming Director ahead of the event.

+ Administrative


0/2 slots available

Awesome People: Phaye, ioweejan

This position checks everyone into the event using our website, kcgameon.com. We will provide all of the stuff for check-in portion, but you want to bring your own computer for the downtime between check-ins. Typically there is a huge rush from noon until 3p and then a steady trickle until 6pm.


2/2 slots available

This person stays around the entrance and check in area - they assist with providing directions, helping watch gamer gear while they check in, answering questions and in general making the intial experience great for the gamer. This job is necessary from open until roughly 4pm or whenever things calm down. You will be on your feet a lot and you MUST have a great attitude - remember, you are the first person that a newbie is going to see.


0/2 slots available

Awesome People: Jackuccino, Tycharis

Networking is required to help setup and tear down. During the event, we would just like you to monitor the networking occasionally and help with any network related issues.


1/2 slots available

Awesome People: stumper93

Takes photos for the FB gallery, takes Video for new hype videos and puts them together

Partner Network

8/10 slots available

Awesome People: Cloutshot, redheadfemale

This is a ticket for persons in our Partner Network - this will give you a FREE ticket to our events. Our simple expectations are that you are available, if possible, during the 1pm time frame of the "meet and greet", wear some KCGO branded gear (if you have it) and sit yourself on the map. This is a great opportunity for you to mingle, network and encourage people to meet one another. Other than that, just represent yourself in a professional manner and have a great time. We hope this gives you an opportunity to meet new people, expand your contacts and helps connect your brand to your audience.


3/10 slots available

Awesome People: nickthenerd, MeatyMitts, psyberwraith, warboy, comptech, zyklon_b_bath, K1ngMachine

This is for adminstration and special assistants only - please only select this role if you talk to Nick beforehand - all others will be removed.

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