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What is KCGameOn?

KCGameOn is a bi-monthly gaming event (six times a year!) featuring casual PC, Console, tabletop and card gaming while hosting serious tournament play for the biggest and best esports games currently out there.

Since we have more than one event a year, things are always evolving - pay attention to the NEWS page for the latest features of each event!

The History of KCGameOn

It all started when a group of co-workers wanted to get together to play games on the weekend, back in 2005. Battlefield, UT2004 was in rotation, Quake 4 was just released, and a handful of RTS like Age of Empires III were blowing up the scene.

Back when this all started, there was no signup or payment - it was just a matter of getting people in the door for a small 15 person LAN, playing PC games.

Shortly there after, there was some interest in console gaming - the PS3/Xbox360 and Wii all came out around that time. The attendance doubled shortly there after, as we saw the rise of Gears of War, Halo and Guitar Hero.

At one point console became the most popular game device where we had 2 console rooms, with one room with six or more setups just dedicated to people playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Much Freebird was played.

Our initial website was created - and we couldn't just buy 'gameon' so naturally the website was called KCGameOn.com and our name was born.

Since 2015, our numbers for the event have continued to grow at an unprecedented pace, even forcing us to have the December 2016 event at the KCI Expo Center, to meet the demand of attendees!

What is in the Future?

We hope to continue to grow our event with the support from all of you. In the future, we will have larger events, larger venues and support other types of gaming culture, like cosplay judging, gaming/technology related panels, vendor/artist/expo and featured streamers.

We are always improving our processes and trying out new ideas for each event - if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.


This is subject to change, depending on the event. Make sure you check the NEWS page for more information!


Dennis - "Iceman"

Nick - "nickthenerd"
Operations/Event Coordinator

Jason - "CompTech"

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