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Travel and Venue Information:


2702 Rock Creek Parkway, North Kansas City, MO 64117

Located in North Kansas City, MO (nearly the centerpoint of the KC Metro) - our venue is right off of I-35 and Armour Road, just north of downtown KCMO. There is no public transportation to this area on Saturdays so you will need to drive/carpool to the event.

Please park in any legal spot around the building that is available. You can park temporarily outside the entrance of the building to drop off your stuff and check-in, but you must move your vehicle as soon as possible. Security will keep the firelane clear if your car is parked there for more than 10 minutes.

We have no special discounts or sponsorships with hotels at this time.


No alcohol is allowed in the venue

No smoking of any kind (cig/vape/other) is allowed on the campus - please use your car or walk across the street (west of Walker Rd)

No derogatory, defamation, racist or otherwise offensive words will be used at KCGameOn. You will get one warning, unless otherwise blatently over the line, then you will be asked to leave immediately.


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