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Hope everyone is doing well! We are officially announcing our biggest event of the year, KCGameCON2018! Be sure to get your tickets reserved today as prices will go up by 10 bucks on Nov 15th!

Tickets will a little different than usual - VIP tickets will include the Saturday night meal and candy/pop throughout the event. The VIP add-on will only be available to 3-day game passes in limited quantity. Once they are gone, they are gone!

This year, the gaming convention will feature a 48 hour LAN, two esports stages, an expo w/vr demos and vendors, tabletop space, a PINBALL tournament w/free pinball play area, cosplay, a freeplay area, collegiate tournaments and much more!

Please remember, for this event, you are required to bring your own powerstrip and ethernet - unlike the other KCGameOn related events. We will also sell ethernet and powerstrips at a reasonable rate at the operations table if you forget.

As we get closer to Nov 30 - make sure you check out our sister page - for the news and latest sponsors as we lock in more partnerships in the next few weeks. We will be rolling out more tournaments, schedules and sponsorship information each day for the rest of Novenmber. Follow our Twitter/Insta/Facebook accounts!

The FIRST sponsorship we can talk about is IGEL Technology who will be sponsoring the PUBG squads tournament, which starts on Sunday, Dec 2 at 11am. We may have a special guest lined up to play in this tournament as well, but you will have to wait for that announcement!

Loyalty is rewarded for your attendance and support in 2018. Each time you came to KCGameOn in 2018, you earned a raffle ticket that will be used in our raffle drawings at this event. In the next couple weeks, you can check your profile on the kcgameon website to figure out how many tickets you currently have tied to your account.

Raffle tickets will be earned for this event on all 3-day passes ONLY and make sure you are at each raffle because you must be present to win!

As we ramp up our work towards this event we will need a small army of volunteers to staff this event - If you are willing to give us some time, we can get you a free or discounted ticket toward this event. Interested in volunteering?

Booths are still available in limited space - if you know of anyone that wants to be part of this event that relates to geek culture - this is event should be on their list. Please have them email Dennis to get started -

We also continue to look for various sponsors and partners for this event to help support our gaming tournaments. If you know of a business or anyone who might be interested - send them to for more information as well!

KCGameOn and Local Legends are going to partner up to feature Fortnite on PS4, XBox and the Nintendo Switch!

The rules we will utilize for the tournaments can be found HERE - Reminder: The PC Fortnite tournament is run with a different rule set.

We will run Solos, & Duos simultaneously on XBOX, PS4, and Nintendo Switch where all of the equipment will be provided. We welcome controllers and suggest personal headset.

Stay tuned as we figure out how we will run prize pools for Fortnite.

Together, we can #dosomethinglegendary!

As a reminder, we are still a grassroots, family friendly, community gaming event - PLEASE remember that we will have a zero tolerance policy for harrassment, racist, homophobic or otherwise demeaning remarks. If you feel you are being threatened/demeaned in any way, please come to the operations desk to let us know.

As such, with recent events, we will have additional security on site to make sure we continue to show the midwest we run a fun, clean and friendly event.


  • We will be live on our KCGameOn Twitch channel for a large majority of this event, funneling in all of our live casting during the event. Make sure you stop in to check this out.
  • I've updated the FAQ once again - please remember this event, we provide the powerstrips and ethernet for all PCs!
  • Adventure awaits in the Hunter’s Call! Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventures open to all interested players, of any skill and experience level, including brand new players. Dice, maps, markers, and pre-constructed characters will be provided. If you would like to bring your own character, please email a copy to for prior approval.

Please be sure to follow us on social media @ twitter/facebook They contain the most up to date announcements!


Free to play with venue fee except as marked on the page. You must register on tournament pages to be eligible for prizing. Further rules under each tournament listing.

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