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Hello all - we are less than two weeks away from hosting another gaming event for YOU!  Always feel free to shoot me a DM or talk to me at the event - I listen to new ideas and take criticism, both in an effort to make this the very best gaming event in the midwest.

We have some new additions for this event - Smash64 and we WILL host Hearthstone, with the new set dropping on the same weekend, it only makes sense! I'm also bringing my Classic NES for some fun casual gaming in the dining/vendor room - we will have some fun prizes for top scores at the end of the night - prizes TBA.

A new tournaments page has launched and we are changing up a few things. Check out the lineup and times as they may have changed, as PUBG (7p start) and Fortnite (1p start) have now flipped time slots.

Tekken7 will have a $500 pot bonus (added to the prize pool) featuring TechGuyChris, who recently placed 13th at Dreamhack Austin.

YOU provided feedback and we listen - Rainbow6:Siege has been added to the line up - let's kick this off with a huge first event!

Drone racing will be happening at this event in the west (lower) parking lot - powered by the KC Multi-rotor FB group, they might be running the tiny whoops on 3rd floor later in the evening.

For this event, we are going to be banding people as they check into the event - we will have so many people running aorund inside and outdoors, this is the only way we can track people for the dinner, candy, pop, etc.

Exciting tournament news!

This event will also feature our Call of Duty:WW2 tournament partnering with Midwest Arena Esports w/a guaranteed $1k prize pool. People from all over the region will be driving in for this one!

The tournament will start at noon, so make sure you get here and set up as close to 11am as possible.

Vendor Koiya Creations is back and they specialize in creating fun, entertaining pieces of art and fanart to brighten up everybody's lives. Both in decorative forms such as stickers, buttons, and prints as well as functional forms like zipper pouches, key chains, and other accessories. Please make sure stop by and check out their goods!

KCGameOn and Local Legends are going to partner up and bring the sports tournaments to KCGameOn events. This month we will feature Madden19, which drops just a couple days before our next event!

If you are interested, make sure you purchase tickets for that tournament HERE which also includes admission to this months KCGameOn.

Together, we can #dosomethinglegendary!

As a reminder, we are still a grassroots, family friendly, community gaming event - PLEASE remember that we will have a zero tolerance policy for harrassment, racist, homophobic or otherwise demeaning remarks. If you feel you are being threatened/demeaned in any way, please come to the operations desk to let us know.

Destiny 2 has been a rough place for it‘s Community lately. We want to make things a little better by allowing it’s PvP players to have something that gets them together in a space to compete and connect, as well as build the sense of community that has somewhat been lost. Join us a KCGameOn to host KCDC’s first free Destiny 2 tournament. Event standings will be used to seed future tournaments and to create a local ranking system for players to track on their own.


  • Loyalty is rewarded, once again, come early, come often - the more times you come to KCGameOn in 2018, the more prizes you could win at the December - KCGameCON event.
  • We will be live on our KCGameOn Twitch channel for a large majority of this event, funneling in all of our live casting during the event. Make sure you stop in to check this out.
  • I've updated the FAQ once again - please remember this event, we provide the powerstrips and ethernet for all PCs!
  • Adventure awaits in the Hunter’s Call! Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventures open to all interested players, of any skill and experience level, including brand new players. Dice, maps, markers, and pre-constructed characters will be provided. If you would like to bring your own character, please email a copy to for prior approval.
  • Download our new CSV file. Import the CSV into Google Calendar to remind you about every event in 2018!

    1. Open Google Calendar on a computer. Note: You can only import from a computer, not a phone or tablet.
    2. In the top right, click Settings (gear icon) > Settings.
    3. Open the Calendars tab.
    4. Click Import calendar between the "My calendars" and "Other Calendars" sections.
    5. Click Choose File and select the file you downloaded above. The file should end in "csv."
    6. Choose which calendar to add the imported events to. By default, events will be imported into your primary calendar.
    7. Click Import.

Please be sure to follow us on social media @ twitter/facebook They contain the most up to date announcements!


Free to play with venue fee except as marked on the page. You must register on tournament pages to be eligible for prizing. Further rules under each tournament listing.

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