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10 days before the biggest gaming event in KC opens it's doors!

  • VIP tickets have gone up 10 bucks a piece, single day tickets are on sale now and the VIP add-on for tournaments are going up in the next 24 hours. Now is the time to get in on the cheapest ticket possible. Don't delay because you are waiting for another team to sign up!
  • We are welcoming new friends to the event every day as we get closer to launch - some of these new folks are Swappa, Pixio, OCZ (again) and Twitch KC. Be sure to check out their booths or websites for more information as they are integral to our event's success with all of you!
  • The EVENT of the year, KCGAMECON 2017, is less than two weeks away. Starting December 1 at 6pm, we are playing for 48 hours straight at the KCI Expo Center!!
  • Tickets are on sale NOW through eventbrite. Emails will be sent out in the next week for VIP's to start reserving their seats!
  • This year we will have more space, more BYOC area, better tabletop area and a room for VIP's to hang out and chill during the event.
  • As a reminder, we are still a grassroots, family friendly, community gaming event - PLEASE remember that we will have a zero tolerance policy for harrassment, racist, homophobic or otherwise demeaning remarks. If you feel you are being threatened/demeaned in any way, please come to the opersations desk to let us know.

Quick FAQ -- Event Details Page

  • How do the tickets for this event work?
  • We will have a VIP, 3-day game pass, single day game pass and FREE expo/spectating passes.
  • This way you only have to pay for what you want to use!
  • Why are the gaming passes more expensive than every other event?
  • This is a 48 hour (other events are 15 hours) gaming convention including an expo, esports and cosplay in a 40,000 square feet area. The fact is, this is simply a more expensive event and we are doing our best to keep the cost to a reasonable level, comparatively. I can assure you, we do not take money home after the event - IF ANYTHING is left over, it will get rolled over into KCGameCON 2018 to make that event even bigger and better! Community FIRST.
  • Tell me about FREE tickets!
  • For this event, we are opening the doors to the general public, providing free* access to all of the expo, esports spectating and cosplay during limited hours. We want you to bring your friends, your significant others and your family to see what gaming means to Kansas City. Once these folks can experience/expose this event first-hand, they will understand a little more why gaming is truly a part of today's culture.
  • *Public hours are Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 10am-6pm, all attendees are required to have a 'game pass' after that time.
  • Gaming pass pricing will vary depending on the type of gaming (see the ticket link for details).
  • Some parts of the expo may require an additional fee to play/demo.
  • What are the other tickets for?
  • If you buy a VIP or 3day pass, you can play from Friday at 6pm till Sunday at 6pm. Single day tickets end at midnight which is when BYOC will go into security lock down. No PC hardware can leave the venue between midnight and 8am for security reasons. No exceptions.
  • YOU are allowed to physically come and go whenever you please...we do recommend that you get some sleep *and shower*
  • We have a block of rooms available at both Holiday Inn (right next door to the Expo Center) and Hampton Inn (Free shuttle) - please make the rservations quickly as the blocks of rooms will expire by 11/11 for Holiday Inn. More information can be found on the event page.
  • How will I know my stuff is secure?
  • Like most multi-day gaming events, we will enforce a lockdown period and provide you with stickers to place on your badge, case and monitor. Your badge will be checked coming out of the PC area with any equipment. We value your security and your equipment.
  • I can't afford to come to this event :(
  • We still have plenty of volunteer opportunity to help discount or provide you a ticket free of charge, based on the hours you provide. I'm still looking for tournament orginizers and stream talent - please fill out the volunteer form on the website today to get more information.
  • How do I get my computer and other gaming equipment into the building?
  • We will have a limited window for drop off and pick up, for all PC equipment in the north doors. Once these doors are closed, all PC's have to come in or out through the front door. I'll have more information and map for this very soon.
  • Once again, we will be checking equipment versus your badge number to ensure that you are leaving with your equipment, no matter the time you decide to leave.
  • Are you having the loyalty prize give-a-way this year?
  • No, at least not in the form of last year, based on previous attendance. The logistics no longer make sense. This year we will have a raffle of some VERY GOOD items to give away, but it will happen at various times during the event to encourage everyone to stick around.
  • How do I get my rig inside this huge venue?
  • On Friday from 5pm -7pm, we will have the north doors open to KCI Expo Center - IF you have a computer, you may enter this way. This is a very limited window because we have tournaments starting at 7pm, so get there ahead of time and be prepared to wait for a few minutes while people unload their cars.
  • On Sunday rom 4pm-6pm, we will open the garage doors once again on the north side of the building. WARNING - you will need your security stickers checked on the way out - make sure you have one sticker on your badge and monitor/rig.

The official commercial of KCGameCON 2017 - if you haven't watched, you should now. Please remember to spread the word and get your friends to this event!


  • We will be live on our KCGameOn Twitch channel for a large majority of this event. Our local Kansas City Twitch community will be doing interviews and talking about the event live - Be sure to stop by and say HI!
  • I've updated the FAQ for other questions - the biggest change is that this event will require a powerstrip and up to 35' ethernet (depends how far you are from the switch).
  • Adventure awaits in the Hunter’s Call! Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventures open to all interested players, of any skill and experience level, including brand new players. Dice, maps, markers, and pre-constructed characters will be provided. If you would like to bring your own character, please email a copy to for prior approval.
  • A Waiver and Release of Liability will be required for future events. Please print this off and sign it, the waiver will be required as part of the check-in process.

Please be sure to follow us on social media @ twitter/facebook They contain the most up to date announcements!


Free to play with venue fee except as marked on the page. You must register on tournament pages to be eligible for prizing. Further rules under each tournament listing.

Tournaments page - check back often for updates
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Dennis Avondent

Nick Engstrom

Jason Wendel

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