Next event: June 9th, tickets available SOON!


We always need support/help:

As you know, all of the money goes to prizes at the end of the year. So I'm offering FREE attendance to each of the events you support. Higher preference will go to Cerner folks that make KCGameOn a priority - i.e. people that are likely to attend and contribute to all events. The hope is that you will be able to put in a few hours or actual work and get to play the rest of the time, taking in the same benefit of the people who pay to attend. I want to continue to bring the best experience possible for everyone at the event, which is why I'm reaching out to help me run these various parts of the event going forward.

Here are the spots we are going to need to fill:

Technical Helpdesk - someone who can sit in the same room as the PCs and field questions about the event and fix ethernet/power issues on 3rd floor. (my job but upstairs) You will also be working security (eyes and ears) for the other floors in the building as well.

Tournament Organizers (3 or more) - you will run a tournament (or two if we don't have enough people). I'm also looking for a Lead Tournament Organizer to handle the other TO's and run your own tournament.

Streamer/casters (3 or more) - you will stream the first few matches of the tournaments and cast the last few matches of a tournament. Jay Duncan (DYTgaming) will be your Lead. You will be streaming to our KCGameOn twitch channels - when not streaming tournaments, feel free to stream your own channel.

Website developers (2 or more) - you will need to give me 5-10 hours of development (C#/ASPX/javascript) PER event. You would also need to be able to test your work with a few others and be available at the event in case we have questions or issues. [You won't have to follow medium risk process ] We currently use a private repo for the website code.

Setup/teardown (3 or more) - with more and more rooms being added to the event, I need more help with setup and tear down. If you are willing to show up at 4pm the Friday before and start tearing down at midnight till whenever it is done, we will pay for your attendance.

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