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Vendor/Retail/Artist Information for KCGameOn Events

We offer VERY happy to provide Vendor/Retail/Artist space at ALL of our future events. This adds tremendous value to the event as we will have many different gamers/spectators walking around interested in your goods/services.

For our events marked on this schedule as KCGameOn (##), the price for a booth is $75. The multi-day events (marked on the same page) will be a higher price point as the cost for power and internet is much greater in another venue. Please contact us for more information.

Payment is required, paid in full one week prior to the event to ensure you reserve your spot, otherwise, the waitlist will be notified. Please submit payment in paypal to Payments@kcgameon.com.

Please fill out the following form - we will be in contact ASAP and THANK YOU for supporting your local gaming events. We appreciate it. If you need any special assistance or have further questions, feel free to contact us at nick@kcgameon.com

Ammenities provided:

  • ONE 8'x 30" table in a 10' (wide) x 8' (front to back) area
  • Booth areas are designated on the MAP. Space changes depending on location.
  • TWO vendor chairs provided (all the same access as a spectator ticket)
  • Dinner/Candy/Drinks provided
  • Power strips/extension cords/WIFI provided
  • Placed in a well traveled area of the event (main thoroughfare)
  • Setup at 10-11am, same day - leave whenever you feel like
  • Limited to 8' ceiling, but you are welcome to use display racks
  • Shout out to Vendor Alley as part of announcements on Twitch.tv/KCGameOn
  • Any reserved seating for BYOC would need to purchase a ticket through ticket registration.
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