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VIP (PC Rental + Venue Fee)

This is a VIP ticket - It comes with a reserved seat with LEVELUP PC, ready for you to play. No need to bring in anything!
27 tickets remaining
$45.00 per ticket

Bring Your Own Computer/Console

This is a BYOC (bring your own computer or console) ticket. Once you purchase this ticket, make sure you select your seat on the map - this link will be sent to you after registration. KCGO will provide ethernet and powerstrips - you will need to provide everything else you use at home, including your monitor, headset and keyboard/mouse. Your reseved seat space includes approximately (2.5'x 3') and a chair (you may bring your own, if you wish) You are NOT allowed to bring a second monitor OR a UPS due to power management. If you require an additional monitor or if you need more power for another device (Nintendo Switch, other consoles), you will need to purchase an additional ticket.
21 tickets remaining
$25.00 per ticket

TableTop / Spectator

This ticket is for anyone who wants to spectate (watch others play), support their favorite player, play board games/DND and/or visit the exhibitors area. This ticket provides snacks/pop/water/candy/catered dinner, just like the reserved ticket, with a chance to win a door prize.
29 tickets remaining
$20.00 per ticket

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